Remember these 5 Lady Gaga music videos?

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Now that Lady Gaga has released two tracks – Million Reasons and Perfect Illusion – from her upcoming album Joanne, due to land Oct 21, anticipation among her Little Monster fans is growing.

As we get ready for more teases of new material, here’s a look back at five standout videos from her past body of work.

Just Dance (2008)

The young Lady Gaga was relatively unknown when Just Dance landed as a single from her The Fame album. The artist – a protege of Akon – scored an instant hit with a track that was sure to dominate both the charts and the dancefloor. Her exuberance was yet to develop, however, and this early video shows Gaga – who’s real name is Stefani Germanotta – strutting her stuff at a wild party.

Bad Romance (2009)

This is one of the most – if not the most – emblematic of all Lady Gaga’s music videos. Packed with eccentric clothing and crazy looks, the singer is crafting her image as a mainstream pop artist while drawing on references to classical culture.

Queen of the monsters, reptilian empress or sold as a bride, the plot of the video remains open to interpretation. It was much debated on the web, in fact, seen by some as proof that the singer is an adept of Satanism, part of the Illuminati or a member of secretive masonic circles.

Alejandro (2009)

In another spectacular video from the artist, Alejandro opts for a military, wartime atmosphere, in which some see Nazi inspiration. Dressed up like a queen, Lady Gaga mourns her dead lover alongside a gaggle of youths dancing in boxers, boots and high heels.

Born This Way (2011)

“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster”, declares the singer at the beginning of the track. Indeed, Born This Way landed as a manifesto for Lady Gaga fans, otherwise known as Little Monsters. Here, she steps into the role as the mother of a new race, born without prejudice and with boundless freedom. Around this time, she also launched her fan site

Watch the full version here.

Til It Happens To You (2015)

Time for a drastic change of style for Lady Gaga. After her last album, Artpop, met with a less enthusiastic reception, the singer put out a jazzy opus with Tony Bennett. She also made her TV debut, with a starring role in American Horror Story, and wrote a track for the documentary movie The Hunting Ground, about sexual assault on American college campuses.

The poignant Til It Happens To You video shows victims before, during and in the aftermath of their attacks. It was even nominated for an Oscar. – AFP Relaxnews


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