Karmin on bad romance, break-ups, Taylor Swift’s ex-bfs

by - 16:14

Features Central Exclusive presents part two of our special video interview with US pop duo Karmin!

In this episode, interviewer Aisya Yusri gets Mr and Mrs Noonan to offer tips on the best (and worst) ways to dump a lover, the ONLY way to get over a bad romance, and five songs to listen to at the end of a love affair.

Plus, Nick and Amy take our break-up quiz! Can they answer three questions about the saddest splits in pop culture?

And ICYMI, in part one of this video series, Karmin talked about their hit song Brokenhearted (inspired by their own relationship and Nick’s three-day dating rule), their marriage (the who-proposed-to-whom story), and the day Nick made Amy cry (the wedding ring-on-sale tale).

Karmin was in Kuala Lumpur recently for a guest appearance at Sephora’s fifth anniversary party at KLCC. This three-part video interview was recorded for FCX, a variety web series produced by Star2 for TheStarTV.com. Tune in next week for the final Karmin episode and one more pop quiz!


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