What TV shows do Amber Chia, Resh and other celebrities watch?

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South-East Asia Internet on-demand service iflix recently launched a new feature, Playlists, which allows users to find out what shows local celebrities love to watch. Here are what some Malaysian celebrities are watching today.

Amber Chia, model

“I’ve always loved watching those sad dramas. I like Korean series. That’s the way I get my emotions out. My favourite one has to be Autumn In My Heart. I remember having a whole box of tissues by my side and I kept crying. My eyes were swollen. The next day my friends asked me what happened, and I told them it was because of the drama!”

 Resh, singer

“I like Empire. Part of it is because one of the producers (Jim Beanz) worked on my latest album. The show is a breath of fresh air as it’s about the music business, an industry that I understand. I am a musician. I know how the labels work and it’s not a bed of roses. The show really tells it like it is. My favourite character has got to be Cookie. That girl’s got attitude.”


Resh is a fan of the show Empire. Photo: Universal Music Malaysia

sazzy falak

Sazzy Falak. Photo: The Star/Raymond Ooi

Hannah Tan, model, singer and actress

“I like Vikings. We’ve heard and read about the vikings but this series actually brings everything to life by creating this great visual illustration. What you imagined as a child, reading about vikings, is now visually tangible. I like the legend of Ragnar Lothbrok, and that’s my favourite character. He comes across as a very intelligent viking, because unlike the viking community who are known to just divide and conquer and kill, he’s interested in knowing the different cultures of his captives. He is always open to learn and there’s a lot of leadership lessons we can learn from the show.

Sazzy Falak, actress and TV host

“Right now, I like The Flash. I’ve seen both seasons. I’m into superhero movies. Sometimes, after a whole day of work, I like to come home to watch something fun and inspiring.”

Nik Michael Imran, celebrity chef

Mr Robot – to me that’s the new age Fight Club. I’m a big fan of Fight Club. Basically, it’s about conflicting perosnalities in one person. I think that’s great. Going against big conglomerates and trying to fight against capitalism – that whole idea. Also, because of my work, I always study cooking shows both local and abroad. I admire Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White. They are very old school but they make it very current.”

sasha saidin

Sasha Saidin loves mostly British shows. Photo: The Star/Sam Tham

Sasha Saidin, singer and actress

Downton Abbey! I watched five seasons in just three weeks. I was sleep deprived. My favourite character has to be the Dowager Countess. Her lines are so witty. And the props on Downton Abbey are amazing. Because I studied in England, I’ve been to all those stately houses which are well-maintained to this day. So watching that is amazing. Now I’m watching Merlin and I’m almost done. The next one I want to watch is Doctor Who. I notice the pattern here, there’s a lot of BBC and English series – maybe it’s because of my English side.”

Juliana Evans, actress

“I love American Horror Story especially its second season, Asylum. I love psychological thrillers. Every episode has a cliffhanger. It’s always something very surprising and makes you want to keep watching. I also like The Walking Dead. It’s about survival. The situation gets worse and worse but the characters get stronger and stronger. I guess for The Walking Dead fans, if there’s a zombie outbreak in the world, we know what to do, thanks to the show!”

Zain Saidin, actor

The Simpsons used to be my No.1 show and when Futurama came out, I liked it even more – I like the humour. Nowadays, I’m also into Pokemon because of the Pokemon Go phenomena; I’m really into the app. I’m now catching up on the TV series. I’ve just started, I’m only at S1.”

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