iflix tells you what shows celebs watch

by - 15:12

Want to know what shows your favourite Malaysian celebrities are watching?

South-East Asia Internet on-demand service iflix recently launched a new feature, Playlists, which allows users to find out what shows local celebrities love to watch.

Comedian Afdlin Shauki shares during its launch in Kuala Lumpur: “Playlists is great. Like if I want to know what Juliana Evans is watching so I can speak her lingo, I can watch it and when I bump into her, I can go, ‘Have you seen that episode?’ I’ve got something to talk to her about. It’s another way to get close to fans and for fans to get close to you.”

Currently, more than 50 local celebrities and influencers have shared their favourite shows on Playlists such as Diana Danielle, Maya Karin, Resh, Amber Chia, Juliana Evans and Afdlin.

“Playlists originated from the idea of how do we get people to discover new shows they wouldn’t have thought about,” iflix Malaysia chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani reveals the idea behind the new feature.

“Also, we wanted to be able to connect people with all the personalities in the entertainment industry. It’s sort of a social media platform which showcases a more personal side to the professional image they portray to people who want to more about them.”

Playlists also features specially curated collection of shows organised according to popular themes, ranging from superheroes to paranormal.

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