Hong Kong stars Alan Tam and Jordan Chan really love durians

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Hong Kong stars Alan Tam and Jordan Chan really want their new movie Fooling Around Jiang Hu to do well in Malaysia. Why? Because of durians.

“If the film does well at the box office, we’ll get to visit Malaysia for a durian buffet!” said Tam during a phone interview that ended with the two actors shouting “Musang King!” and “Durian Tarts” after getting excited by the prospect of a visit to Malaysia.

Fooling Around Jiang Hu is a triad comedy about the underworld, and revolves around an immensely popular internet programme called Crazy Jiang Hu hosted by King (played by TV and radio personality Bob Lam), which dishes out gossip about two gangsters portrayed by Tam, 66, and Chan, 49.

Tam plays underworld godfather Kim, a friendly and sociable character who is nicknamed Egg Tart. The peace-loving triad head easily wins the support of gang elders, but enjoys singing more than being a triad boss.

Alan tam

Jordan Chan (left) and Alan Tam star as gangsters with a friendly rivalry in the movie Fooling Around Jiang Hu. Photos: RAM Entertainnmet

Chan plays his flamboyant and suave second-in-command Lung, who joined the triads because he was captivated by the image of gangsters in the iconic Young And Dangerous movies (which Chan himself starred in!), and believes that he has what it takes to be the big boss instead.

The film is produced by Ng Kin-Hung and Ricky Fan Chun-Fung, and written by film director Lam Chiu-Wing.

When asked about the bold casting of Tam as a Hong Kong triad leader, Lam replied: “We needed someone who exudes the presence and charisma associated with triads – and in the entertainment scene, only Alan Tam fits the bill. Initially we did not think of approaching him, but the producers and Alan are friends, so the collaboration was arranged!”

Chan, who is best known for his iconic portrayal of a flamboyant gangster in the Young & Dangerous franchise, said he was attracted by the fact that Fooling Around Jiang Hu is a comedic take on triad films, so he signed up to join in the fun.

The film also stars Christine Ng as Lung’s scheming wife, Jamie Chik as Kim’s long-lost girlfriend, and Babyjohn Choi and Jacky Cai as a pair of K-pop-inspired young lovers.

ALan tam

Fooling Around Jiang Hu stars (from left) Christine Ng, Alan Tam, Jacky Cai, BabyJohn Choi and Jordan Chan as a bunch of feuding gangsters.

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