Amid nude photo scandal, Atikah Suhaime remains calm

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Local horror movie Volkswagen Kuning stars Atikah Suhaime as a woman haunted by a vengeful ghost. In real life, the 25-year-old Singaporean actress is facing the horrors of having her alleged nude photos widely circulated on the Internet.

The images are said to be of her and Puteri Gunung Ledang drama co-star Idris Khan which were reportedly first uploaded on a local online forum. Atikah was in Singapore when the images began circulating online on Sept 11. She only offered this statement to Harian Metro on the matter then: “I will take action when I return to Malaysia.”

At the press screening of Volkswagen Kuning in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 20, Atikah put on a brave front to face the media. She laughed when asked to comment on the issue: “Wait, what matter are we talking about?”

After some clarification for her to specifically address the nude photos controversy, Atikah apologised and said she could not comment much as she is leaving the matter to her management company Metrowealth International Group (MIG).

“For now, they are gathering whatever information they can as evidence for a report. I trust my management. I know they will take the right action.”

Atikah shared that she chose to stay mum because it’s a sensitive issue. “I’m not the only one involved. I want to take care of everyone’s feelings. It’s sad for everyone affected.”

Is Idris part of this “everyone”? Atikah laughed again and simply said “whoever”.

And now for the million-dollar-question, is she the one in the photos? Her answer was: “I never said it was me.”

atikah suhaime

In Volkswagen Kuning, Atikah Suhaime plays a woman terrorised by a spirit in the form of a yellow Volkswagen car. Photo: MIG

MIG chief executive officer and Volkswagen Kuning producer David Teo believes a certain individual is bent on taking down Atikah’s reputation in the entertainment business.

Last October, Atikah was linked to a rumour about a scandalous sex tape that was reportedly shared on the set of her TV drama Puteri Gunung Ledang. She and the parties involved – Idris and actor Ammar Alfian – have all denied the claims. However, Atikah was given a six-month “ban” from a television station.

“I feel the timing of the photo release is deliberate because Atikah currently has a drama on air (Si Kolot Suamiku on Astro) and a new movie out. The person who released the photos clearly has a habit for wanting to bring someone down. It’s an attitude problem,” Teo added.

He said the nude photos were clearly edited to make it look like Atikah. “It’s not her. We should know. We have experts in graphic design.”

The producer described Atikah’s courage to face the media at the event as a “major success” that reflected her maturity and growth as a newcomer in the industry.

“She has learned her lesson. But others can’t move on and has continued to attack her character. I won’t stand for that. That’s why I stepped forward to speak up for her. Her explanation should be enough for us to forgive her and just move on,” said Teo.

Meanwhile, Atikah’s Volkswagen Kuning co-star Pekin Ibrahim said he chooses to ignore the issue: “I’ve been busy filming my new movie.”

Atikah said she found out about the photos through her mother and has not seen them herself, saying: “I won’t look at photos like that.” She confessed that the issue has caused her to lose out on some acting roles, but that she will not let the scandal drag her down.

“I came to Malaysia to be an actress. I won’t give up. I will choose to focus on improving myself as an actress. My mum says the controversy comes with my decision to be in the entertainment business; It has become a script in my life,” she shares.

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