Young Rush Hour stars meet their seniors

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Justin Hires and John Foo of TV’s Rush Hour remember meeting Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan – stars of the Rush Hour films – for the first time.

Hires and Foo take over the roles originally played by Tucker and Chan, respectively, in the TV adaptation of the Rush Hour film series. Foo, 33, who plays Detective Lee, reveals he was only a teen when he came in contact with the renowned Hong Kong star and martial artist, Chan.

“I sent my demo tape to Hong Kong when I was 19, and they invited me to go over to China to work on a few movies. The first time I met him was up by the Yellow River in Northern China,” the Chinese-Irish actor tells Glamour. “He’s extremely talented and is an inspiration to me. Jackie Chan is basically rhythm, and he has a lot of musicality in his movement.”

Hires, who portrays Detective James Carter, got veteran comedian Tucker laughing at their initial introduction. Hires shares with TVLine: “When I did Stomp The Yard, (Tucker) came on set one day and I said ‘I just want you to know that I’m standing next to you and I’m hoping your aura makes me funnier’. He started laughing and said, ‘You’re a pretty funny man’.”

Hires, 31, who will star in the upcoming MacGyver reboot, adds that it is important to put his own spin on the iconic character. “I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for almost nine years, and when you’ve been doing it for that long, you develop your own comedic voice.”

The complete 13-episode of Rush Hour is available on iflix.

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