Young pianist lives out dream with debut album

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Samantha Jane Scully, 17, is serious about making music. She might be a high school student, but she is also constantly thinking about how her music can inspire people.

Recently, the Penang-born pianist made her debut in the music scene with her first album titled Colors Of Life, an instrumental piano collection that is solely composed by her. The CD, featuring 10 songs, achieves a uniquely inspirational atmosphere.

“This album speaks what words cannot. The songs tell stories of experiences in life that are different yet common, which people face everyday,” says the bubbly Scully.

The title track and lead single captures the elements of life – joys, tears, failures and successes. It is an optimistic and lyrical tune, which showcases Scully’s buoyant compositional skills. She mentions South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma as an inspiration, while Richard Clayderman and Kevin Kern have helped her develop a classic listener-friendly, inspiring sound.

On stage, she has cut loose with pop covers from Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor.

But when it comes to her own music, Scully writes from the heart. A father’s unconditional love to his children is also attributed in a track called Paternal de Amour. Other tunes such as Hope In Turbulence, Le Adieu, and The Battle Of Seasons have strong feelgood hooks.

“All the songs have their own meaning behind them,” she adds.

Scully’s love for piano began at a tender young age of six. Interestingly, she plays purely by ear without having to refer to notes. At 14, she competed in Gurney Plaza’s Pop Jazz Piano Duet/Solo Instrumental Performance Competition in Penang and went on to win the competition.

“The Pop Jazz competition gave me the inspiration to keep on going and to push on (with a recording). I just thought to myself that I could do it.”

The all-rounder is equally adept at the violin, debate, public speaking, essay writing, and athletics.

“I hope my songs can spread encouragement to those who are facing difficulties so they won’t feel alone. And if they’re having a good time now, then I hope my songs can provide comfort and relaxation,” she concludes.


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