What if you had a say on who would win the Iron Throne?

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The American election is getting everyone excited. Even if you don’t live in the US, of are particularly politically inclined, “Trump vs Clinton” seems to be a topic everyone has an opinion about.

But what if you could be a decider in something that gives you far more direct satisfaction?

That is what the folks behind Game Of Thrones want too. They want your participation. Tapping into the election fanfare, or some say frenzy, they have launched a series of campaign ads featuring the four main contenders to the Iron Throne.

Fans of the show can vote for who they want as a leader of Westeros in the next season of the hit series.

Fans are voting for the heir to the Iron Throne. Photo: thegotparty.com

Fans are voting for the heir to the Iron Throne. Photo: thegotparty.com

If you want to make a difference, you have until September 1 to vote for your leader. Already nearly 1.5 million votes have been cast so far.

As we speak, Baelish and Stark boast a narrow lead over both the Snow-Mormont and Targaryen-Lannister teams, with Cersei Lannister and Qyburn lagging behind with only 2% of the vote (poor Cersei, she has gone through so much).

If you want your candidate to win the throne, then cast your vote at the website (http://ift.tt/2amVTt4).

But before you send in your ballot, watch these campaign ads. Also, check out your candidate’s running platform and their running mate.

Vote Cersei if you are for:

Bailing out the Iron Bank
Pro trial by combat
Separation of church and crown
Family advocacy
Revising the line of succession to the Iron Throne

Running mate: Qyburn

Vote Petyr if you are for:

Small business growth
Reducing debt to the Iron Bank
Diplomatic ties to the North
Innovation in transportation

Running mate: Sansa Stark

Vote Daenerys if you are for:

Freedom of the known world
Rebuilding the dragon population
Uniting Essos and Westeros
Female empowerment
Restoring her divine right to the Seven Kingdoms

Running mate: Tyrion Lannister

Vote Jon if you are for:

Northern sovereignty
Rebuilding the Night’s Watch
Allowing the free folk to settle the Gift
Inheritance rights of illegitimate children
Preparing for the Long Night

Running mate: Lyanna Mormont

– Source: AFP Relaxnews

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