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Mariah Carey presenting Mariah’s World at the TCA NBCUniversal Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Reuters

Mariah Carey invited journalists into Mariah’s World with a panel for her upcoming E! docuseries at the Television Critics Association summer press tour recently.

In what was certainly a TCA first, Carey took the stage with a retinue of shirtless men who assembled themselves, Voltron-style, into a “couch” for the singer to perch on, before she took over the chaise lounge brought onstage for the occasion. While sipping “a splash” of champagne, the singer addressed questions with a mixture of self-deprecating humour and wry candor, calling her time as a judge on American Idol “the most abusive experience”, before jokingly telling the critic who posed the question, “you’ve driven me to drink” as she took another sip of bubbly.

Much of the talk centered around Carey’s eight-part docuseries, which the songstress preferred to characterise as a documentary because: “I don’t consider it reality… I haven’t been on tour in Europe in about 10 years. So I thought, let’s just show the behind-the-scenes, what it really takes to do a tour… and mainly, watch how the music evolves, watch the process, and watch how the different personalities clash. I don’t even watch reality – I don’t even know what reality is, literally.”

Carey admitted some reticence about letting the cameras into her private life when filming began, telling reporters that when it comes to setting boundaries with the camera crew, “I think we’re still drawing lines … I think in the beginning I was withholding the amount of access because I’m never sure who to trust. I just didn’t know how things were going to be perceived … We’re still in the process of filming and getting more real moments. But my goal is to make this a lasting piece of work for my fans.”

Carey confirmed that ex-husband Nick Cannon had been filmed during the series, along with her children and fiance James Packer, but it remains to be seen how much of that footage will make it into the final cut of the show. The singer also expressed hope that the show will allow audiences to see sides of her that they aren’t familiar with, or might play against preconceived notions of who she is.

“I don’t know that anybody really knows the real me because if somebody sees me on TV or a video, it’s not enough time to get to know somebody… hopefully they’ll see other sides of me that are entertaining,” she said.

The premiere date for the series is Dec 4 in the US and Dec 6 at 9pm in Malaysia on the E! channel. – Reuters/Laura Prudom

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