Review: Fighter by David Nail

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Country crooner David Nail talks family life in highly-personal Fighter.

His fourth studio album opens with upbeat, toe-tapping tunes Good At Tonight and Night’s On Fire that capture the rush of falling in love. The second half of the album then sees the 37-year-old artiste switching gears, as Nail digs deeper when he opens up about his and his wife’s struggle with infertility in the moving Babies.


“So imagine when you get the news, after years of trying, not just one but two,” sings Nail who had twins late last year after trying for four years. It mustn’t have been easy him to bare his vulnerabilities and pen the track, but we’re glad he did.

Meanwhile, the title track is a sweet love ballad that sees the singer showing his appreciation to his wife for her resilience in the toughest of times.

Still, my favourite has got to be the closing track Old Man’s Symphony. A beautiful song dedicated to his father, Nail paints a picture of his young self witnessing his father’s passion for music which inspired his eventual decision to take the musical path.

It takes a real fighter to be able to put one’s personal life out there, as Nail did in his new release.

David Nail


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