Review: Big Boy by Charlotte Cardin

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Sexy and sensible adult pop meets minimal jazz flourishes on Charlotte Cardin’s debut EP. The model-turned-singer certainly knows how to blend those elements beautifully in this bilingual release.

Her Montreal heritage shines through on the French numbers, but it’s really the English cuts that warrant attention, thanks to the focus on slow and sensuous rhythms.

charlotte cardin

The unapologetically carnal Dirty Dirty is easily the standout here. The lyrics – where Cardin sings about washing off impure thoughts about an ex-lover – is exceptionally naughty. And that’s part of the 21-year-old singer’s charm – she’s a freaking tease.

Cardin is comfortable in her own skin, and this translates across the intimate numbers in this six-track offering. At its most erotic, the record plays like a private show at a cabaret with its brooding and understated ballads. The synth-laden Like It Doesn’t Hurt – with its smoky vocal treatment – is an achingly melancholic number that’s at once sad and affectionate.

It’s just unfortunate that the jazz nuances remain relatively misinformed. Slow burning opener Big Boy, despite its jazzy undertone, is a haphazard offering that mar an otherwise impressive debut.

charlotte cardin

Model-turned-singer Charlotte Cardin focuses on slow and sensuous rhythms in her debut EP. Photo: FMD

Charlotte Cardin

Big Boy

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