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Indominus Rex, velociraptor, “Selamat datang ke dunia jurassic” and “bawa bertenang” are just some of the words you’ll be hearing in the Bahasa Malaysia-dubbed version of Jurassic World.

HBO Asia presents the Hollywood blockbuster starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard with Bahasa Malaysia language option especially for Hari Raya.

That’s not all. The channel has also roped in celebrities like Nora Danish, Bront Palarae, Fahrin Ahmad and Nabil Ahmad to be the voices of various characters in the film.

During an event in Kuala Lumpur, Nora – who voices park manager Claire (played by Howard) – shared her excitement about the project. “Coincidentally, Jurassic World is my son’s favourite movie. He was very proud that I got the job!” she said.

Singaporean actor Hisyam Hamid takes on the role of Owen, the dinosaur behavioural expert portrayed by Pratt. Hisyam who has been involved in other Bahasa Malaysia version of Hollywood movies like Despicable Me 2 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction said his latest voice-over role is a standout experience. For Transformers, Hisyam voiced Optimus Prime.

Hisyam, Fahrin, Bront and Nora are some of the local celebrities featured in the Bahasa Malaysia version of Jurassic World on HBO. — GLENN GUAN/The Star

(From left) Hisyam Hamid, Fahrin Ahmad, Bront Palarae and Nora Danish are some of the actors featured in the Bahasa Malaysia version of Jurassic World on HBO. Photo: The Star/Glenn Guan

“This is probably the hardest one to do because it’s a human character. So you have to make sure that your Bahasa Malaysia dialogue and expression is in sync with the actor in the movie. Or else it wouldn’t look believable to the audience.”

Award-winning actor Bront who voices Simon Masrani, the wealthy park owner in the movie portrayed by Irrfan Khan, revealed that he has always wanted to do voice-overs. So getting the chance to do just that for Jurassic World meant Bront could tick off an item on his bucket list.

“I have to say it’s an interesting experience. Ever since Frozen came out, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to do voice-overs,” he said, seriously … we think.

Nabil joked that Bront tried but couldn’t get the part for Elsa. The comedian voices Lowery Cruthers, a control room employee played by Jake Johnson. His on-screen romantic counterpart Vivian (Lauren Lapkus) is voiced by former radio presenter Fara Fauzana.

“I kind of now regret taking on the role because if I knew Nabil was playing my ‘boyfriend’, I would have said no,” she dead-panned before laughing.

The unique Bahasa Malaysia-dubbing treatment for Hollywood movies is becoming an annual Hari Raya treat from HBO. It began in 2012 with Smurfs 2, followed by Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Despicable Me 2 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction in the following years.

Junaidah Said Khan, the senior assistant vice president for English language business at Astro, said the treatment is done so that Hollywood blockbusters can be enjoyed as a fun festive affair.

“Why do we bother with dubbing? The reason is simply because we want to draw in more viewers. The involvement of our very own Malaysian talents make it more meaningful and special for us and the viewers,” Junaidah explained. She also shared that the dubbing process was recorded in February.

The completed version was then sent to Jurassic World’s production company Amblin Entertainment and distributor Universal Pictures for approval. She was proud to share that the dubbing done by HBO Asia was officially recognised by the international companies.

Seeing how HBO Asia has got quite the experience in Bahasa Malaysia dubbing, is it possible to get a localised version of shows like Game Of Thrones in the future? “Well, let’s just say we’ll never say never,” Junaidah concluded.

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“Bawa bertenang, bro! Bawa bertenang!”

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