TV shows to look out for on Hari Raya

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The drive back home has been long and the preparations, tiring. But don’t get too caught up with the busy-ness of the festivities. Take a moment to enjoy this Hari Raya. Have some rempeyek. Catch up with your loved ones. Pay an old friend a visit. And if you’re still feeling stressed, you can unwind with our selection of Raya programmes below. We wish all Star2 readers Selamat Hari Raya.

Wednesday, June 6

Mat Despatch Raya Sakan (TV2, 10am)

The Raya edition of popular comedy series Mat Despatch opens with EJ wanting to reunite with her old friends and celebrate Hari Raya with them. Starring Syafiq Kyle, Uqasha Senrose, Raja Azura, Rusdi Ramli, Sharifah Shahirah, Melisa Saila, Ijoy Azahari, Amyza Aznan and Azza Elite.

Hello Mr Perfect Raya (TV3, 10am)

Izzul and Alya are having problems coping with the birth of a new baby. During Ramadan, they argue about everything — from taking care of the baby to who should prepare food for sahur. More drama ensues when Izzul’s ex-girlfriend Ain wants to come back into his life. Starring Fattah Amin, Ruhainies and Ezzaty Abdullah.


Ola Raya (Astro Ria, Ch 104, noon)

Ola Raya features spin-off segments of popular Astro programmes like Semanis Fondant, Resepi Memikat Suami, Romantika and Seiras Seirama. Look out for guest appearances by Pak Nil, Hyperact and Drama Band.

Ketuk-Ketuk Syawal (TV1, 12.05pm)

Ketuk-Ketuk Syawal, the Raya edition of popular cooking show Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan, will see host Sheila Rusly travel to South Korea, joined by actress Janna Nick and Dnars skincare founder Faziani Rohban Ahmad.

Kembali Kepada Fitrah (TV2, 2pm)

Latifah raised her stepchildren on her own after the death of her husband. She is getting older now and misses them a lot. She hopes she’ll be able to reunite with them on Raya morning. Starring Beto Kusyairi, Haliza Misbun and Nadia Hasnan.

Dia… Mawi (Salam HD, HyppTV Ch 113, 2pm)

Remember when Mawi won Akademi Fantasia back in 2005 and the madness that followed? Well, take a look at his career as an entrepeneur now in this TV special.

Majestic Masjid (History, Astro Ch 555, 3pm)

Learn interesting historical facts about unique mosques from around the world.

Hero Raya (TV1, 4.05pm)

National sprinter Izzuddin Yahya stars in this telemovie as an athlete undergoing training during the month of Ramadan to prepare for the Olympic Games. At the same time, Izzuddin falls in love with Zetty, but her brother Zaki is against their relationship. Fahrin Ahmad and Zetty Mentor co-star.

Syawal Datang Lagi (Salam HD, HyppTV Ch 113, 5pm)

Singer Adibah Noor stars in this musical about two children who have to spend Hari Raya in the kampung without their parents who are working overseas. Starring Fimie, Wan Syuhada Haqiem and Dayang Aranazillah.

Ahai Riangnya Hari Raya. — Photos: Handouts

Ahai Riangnya Hari Raya

Ahai Riangnya Hari Raya (Salam HD, HyppTV Ch 113, 5.30pm)

This musical special features performances by Najwa Latif, Nora and Dazrin Kamaruddin. Hosted by Ben Ladin and Putri Nur Dahlia.

Aidil & Fitri (HyppSensasi HD, HyppTV Ch 116, 9pm)

Aidil is a recovering mental patient who hopes to go home for Hari Raya. He hatches a plan with doctor Fitri to escape from the hospital. Can they outwit strict guard Bro Burn? Starring Tauke and Yus of comedy duo Jambu, and Diana Amir.



Mak Cun Pi New York (TV3, 9pm)

Mak Cun visits New York after her daughter Atun announces that she will be getting married. However, an argument ensues when Atun refuses to share details about her future husband fearing that Mak Cun will boycott the wedding. A frustrated Mak Cun wanders around New York alone. Starring Erma Fatima, Nora Danish and Umie Aida.

Tuan Anas Mikael: 5 Hari Beraya (Astro Ria/Ch 104, 10pm)

After Tun Akhiruddin passes away, Ayu Maisarah has to take care of TA Holding Sdn Bhd and Yayasan Ayman Akhiruddin. She works late into the night to get its affairs in order. Tuan Anas Mikael tries to find a way to spend some time together with her. Starring Aaron Aziz and Zara Zya.



Derhaka (TV9, 10.30pm)

Anisah is a single mum who struggles to raise her wayward teenage son Izwan. The family’s financial troubles are made worse with Izwan stealing money for his own selfish needs. One day, Izwan gets into an accident after an illegal race. Anisah chases him out of the house. Izwan seeks shelter from a friend and over time, realises that he has taken his mother for granted. Starring Zahiril Adzim, Liza Othman and Roy Bakar.

Atok Vs Opah Nak Raya (TV1, 11.05pm)

Atok Vs Opah Nak Raya is a gameshow interwoven with a storyline. Celebrity contestants like Eyka Farhana, Aliff Aziz, Didie Astillah compete in fun games while Didie Alias and Ebby Yus host.

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Thursday, June 7

3 Hari 7 Likur (TV1, 10am)

Feeling guilty over her brother Umar’s death, Hidayat leaves her hometown for Kuala Lumpur. She becomes homeless until Pak Nik takes her in. But Hidayat misses her family and after listening to Pak Nik’s advice, she decides to return home. Starring Uqasha Senrose and Shah Iskandar.

Bonda Bonding (Astro Prima/Ch 105 & Astro Maya HD/Ch 135, 10am)

Local celebrities spend time with their mothers in this special Hari Raya edition.

Isteri Vs Tunang Raya (Astro Ria/Ch 104, 10am)

Alana and Zaim’s marriage seems to be on shaky ground with the return of Amira. Starring Hisyam Hamid and Scha Al-Yahya.

Catch Uqasha Senrose in 3 Hari 7 Likur and Mat Despatch Raya Sakan. Photos: The Star/Muhamad Shahril Rosli

Catch Uqasha Senrose in 3 Hari 7 Likur and Mat Despatch Raya Sakan. Photos: The Star/Muhamad Shahril Rosli

Rockers Raya (HyppSensasi HD, HyppTV Ch 116, 2pm)

Enjoy performances by Rockers winner Zarith Sofea and finalists Awal, Nona and Liawanis. Watch out for a special appearance by legendary singer Ella.

Bersama Abang Long Fadhil (Salam HD, HyppTV Ch 113, 2pm)

Nope, this is not that Zizan Razak movie. Abang Long Fadhil is a Singaporean who decided to leave his life as a gangster after finding his faith in Islam. This show documents his life story from a dangerous thug to a better Muslim.

Kak Marr Raya (TV3, 2pm)

During Ramadan, Kak Marr tells her workers that the stall will be closed as she intends to focus on another business. Trouble brews when her workers continue to operate her stall selling asam laksa without her knowledge. What will happen when Kak Marr finds out? Starring Izreen Azminda, Rozita Che Wan and Redza Rosli.

Apabila Aidil Jumpa Fitri (Salam HD, HyppTV Ch 113, 3.30pm)

Not the prequel to Aidil & Fitri. Instead, this telemovie is about Aidil, a radio deejay who hosts the midnight show. He plans to go home for Hari Raya but his boss informs him that he has to work during the festive season. Starring Fazreen Rafi, Raihan Kamal, Puteri Sarah and Arash Mohamad.

Rockers Raya

Rockers Raya

Raya Oh Raya (TV2, 4pm)

Hosted by Izzue Islam, artistes Tunku Hanis, Atu Zero, Syed Ali, Aedy Ashraf, Adeline Tsen, Alam Wakaka are assigned seven Hari Raya-themed tasks, ranging from making kuih raya to reciting poems.

Teh Tarik Che Ta Syawal (TV1, 4.05pm)

Rozita Che Wan celebrates Hari Raya with children from an orphanage with celebrity guests Raja Ilya, Maya Karin and Dafi Ismail.

Sekarang Baru Tahu (TV1, 6pm)

Hosted by Zoey Rahman, local artistes Imuda, Arash Mohd, Fizz Fairuz, Norman Hakim, Mawi, Acong Sweet Child and Abon take part in a gameshow which involves them getting ready for Raya.

Pak Nil Goes To Hollywood: Yuna Special (E, Astro Ch 712, 8.30pm)

Pak Nil heads to Los Angeles to interview our very own international artiste Yuna.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie (TV3, 9pm)

BoBoiBoy and his friends must race against time to prevent a powerful ancient device from falling into the hands of evil.

Cinta Sticky Note (HyppSensasi HD, HyppTV Ch 116, 9pm)

Izzue Islam stars as a busker who falls in love with Ayda Jebat. Can he get the girl of his dreams? This telemovie also stars Aidit Noh and Anding.

Hari Ini Hari Raya (TV2, 10.05pm)

Sharifah Shahira dan Sherry Al-Hadad aren’t going back to their hometowns this year and have decided to spend Hari Raya in Kuala Lumpur with uniformed services personnel and orphans. They are joined by Forteen, Azlan Typewriter, Tasha Manshahar, Syed Syamim and Altimet.

Pulang (TV9, 10.30pm)

All Ilham wants is new clothes for Hari Raya but since his family is poor, they can’t afford it. He then steals a shirt from a clothing store. After finding out, Ilham’s grandmother wants him to return it. On his way back to the store, he meets Omar who says he had been left on the streets. Starring Talha Harith and Aedy Asyraf.

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