Meet Suria FM’s new presenters

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Actress-comedian Zulin Aziz has joined Suria FM as a new presenter. The 27-year-old will be part of Suria FM’s morning show segment Ceria Pagi (weekdays, 5am-10am) alongside Halim Othman and fellow new presenter Fizi Ali.

The trio is taking over the segment previously helmed by former presenters Adibah Noor and Baki Zainal.

Suria FM also welcomes the return of Tyzo as a presenter for the evening slot Ceria Petang (4pm to 8pm, weekdays). Tyzo previously handled the Malam Suria segment back in 2007. He will be joined by Suraya, an experienced presenter who was previously attached to Hot FM. They replace Linda Onn who left Suria FM after her contract expired.

Suria FM programming general manager Subarma Mohtaruddin said the new line-up is a step forward for the radio station.

“We want to go ahead with new strategies and the introduction of these four presenters is the first step towards giving Suria FM a more fresh and vibrant identity,” he said in a press release.

He also believes the new presenters will fit in well with Suria FM and its listeners. “We chose them based on their experience in the entertainment industry as well as radio. “Hopefully, the combination of new and existing presenters will put Suria FM’s name in the heart of our listeners,” he said.

For more information, check out Tune in to Suria FM at 105.3FM in the Klang Valley.

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Tyzo and Suraya are the new presenters for Ceria Petang at Suria FM. Photo: Star Media Radio Group

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