Does actress Amyra Rosli want to be a rapper?

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Actress Amyra Rosli is tapping into her musical side, having released her first single, Ada Saja (which has been doing quite well on the local airwaves).

The 25-year-old beauty, whose popularity has been on the rise with lead roles on dramas like Cik Bunga Encik Sombong, Tersuka Tanpa Sengaja and Seindah Takdir Cinta, says the opportunity to get into music arose when she posted a video of herself singing on Instagram and was approached by DJ Fuzz.

“It (Ada Saja) is a rap song. I told him I cannot rap but he told me to just give it a try,” said Amyra, recalling her meeting with the Mixology Music founder and local hip hop artiste in an interview.

She reveals that the process of completing the hip-hop track, which took a day to record the demo and another day for the actual song, was quite challenging.

“I couldn’t follow the tempo at first, it’s very fast. But they said, ‘You can do it. Listen to it a few times first’. They gave me the demo and I listened to it in the car, and when I came into the studio, it was great,” recounts Amyra who “rap-sings” in the song alongside Waris and Juzzthin.

Although Amyra chose to record a hip-hop track as her first single, the actress says she loves ballads more. “I’m more into ballads but I can’t do that yet. I need to take vocal lessons for that. I want to take classes but I haven’t had the time so far,” she says, adding that she greatly admires local pop sensation Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.


Amyra Rosli collaborates with Waris and Juzzthin on hip hop track Ada Saja. Photo: The Star/Glenn Guan

Amyra joins a string of actresses such as Fazura and Janna Nick and actor and director Syamsul Yusof who recently crossed over and are making their mark in music. The actress acknowledges this seems to be the trend of late, but asserts her venture into music isn’t because she feels pressured to jump on the bandwagon. It is simply because of her passion for it.

Indeed, this isn’t the first time the actress has shown her penchant for singing. Amyra has previously sung theme songs for some of her previous drama series.

“Acting and singing … I see it as one. They come together for me because before this, I acted in theatre and I’m already used to musicals. Singing is in me,” says the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (Aswara) alumna. Asked if she’ll be making more music in the future, she says it’s possible but no plans have been made yet.

If she does, is there a chance Amyra will team up with her beau, fellow actor Amar Baharin? After all, the two have collaborated before in Cerita Kita, which is the theme song of the drama they starred in, Tersuka Tanpa Sengaja. “For now, I don’t think so, let me focus on my acting first,” she says coyly.

Speculation that the couple will be tying the knot sometime this year has been rife, though Amyra remains tight-lipped on the matter. She shares, however, that both developing her career and starting a family is a priority for her. “They both run parallel. My personal life is important, and my career also.”

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