Beatles tribute show Let It Be comes to KL

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For those who were lucky enough to have watched The Beatles perform live, it must surely have been a treat. But while the quartet was a great live act, its latter-day performances were generally drowned by the cacophony of screaming girls (and boys, too, it’s been said).

So, a Beatles tribute show might best serve that Fab Four fix, and in 2016, there’s no better one to be had than Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles. This British production, presented by AC Music Entertainment, is set to play in Kuala Lumpur soon.

The band, comprising Michael Gagliano (John Lennon), Neil Candelora (Paul McCartney), JT Curtis (George Harrison) and Chris McBurney (Ringo Starr), covers the Beatles’ output from 1962-1970, and even throws in solo-era material.

So, what has allowed The Beatles’ music to endure for more than half a century? “They were four distinct personalities, and when combined as the Beatles, they changed music and popular culture forever. The tunes are universal and speak both lyrically and melodically to generations all over the world,” said McBurney in an e-mail interview.

Pulling off a show of this scale takes hours of scrutinising the Real McCoy to pickup on the finer nuances, and the guys have done their homework in studying The Beatles on-stage dynamics.

“There’s a massive element of ‘fun’ that The Beatles always had together on stage. More importantly though, you can tell they were all on the exact same page. They really did think, act, and move as one,” explained Candelora.

Even The Beatles themselves didn’t play their later material live, and in fact, quit touring in 1966. And on recorded evidence, it’s evident that from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band onwards, playing the material would require more than four musicians, given the music’s intricacies.

“We have a fifth musician who plays all the parts we don’t have enough hands for. But the core band will also chime in with keyboards, percussion, kazoos … whatever’s needed,” Curtis revealed.

Let It Be: A Celebration of the music of The Beatles promises audiences a twsitin and shoutin good time.

Let It Be: A Celebration of the music of The Beatles promises audiences a twsitin and shoutin good time.

It’s easy to view this as a tribute act cashing in on the music of a legendary band, but from this production’s inception in 2012, the brainchild of producer Jerry Parry and his Annerin Productions, it was only ever about honouring the music of the Fab Four.

Let It Be is not a tribute band … it is a tribute to The Beatles, who wrote the greatest music ever written and played by performers, who, like The Beatles, care about music and its effect and legacy on the universe,” Gagliano insists.

So, what’s in store for the audience? “They can expect the next best thing to seeing the Beatles … they should expect to be twistin’ and shoutin’ in the aisles. This show is not just for Beatles freaks, even casual fans will leave the show with a new-found appreciation of the Beatles phenomenon,” said McBurney, in conclusion.

Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles plays at Plenary Hall, KLCC from July 14 to 17. Ticket prices range from RM98-RM588. For bookings, visit or call 03-9222 8811, and for more info, check out

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