A movie-watching experience ‘Beyond’ the ordinary

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Standing at 1.82m, adequate legroom in a cinema is fictitious in my world.

At movie halls, my limbs never fail to direct a good kick to the seat of the unlucky movie-goer in front of me.

So, naturally, when I got tickets to watch Star Trek Beyond at GSC’s Gold Class, I was elated at the idea of proper movie-watching sans involuntary leg-kicking drama.

To my surprise, there was more to the experience than just extra legroom.

As it turns out, the whole Gold Class experience begins way before the movie does.

Head over to the hall earlier to enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Strolling past the entrance of GSC Signature at The Gardens mall, I entered the Gold Class Lounge – an exclusive area for pre-movie mingling and socialising, open only to Gold Class ticket holders.

The decor of the lounge is befitting its name – luxurious and sophisticated, with jazz music playing in the background. It is what you would expect from the lobby of a grand hotel.

At the centre are two bars from which an array of finger food and beverages are prepared upon request.

Behold, this is what legroom paradise looks like. Photos: GSC

Behold, this is what legroom paradise looks like. Photos: GSC

Judging from the ambiance of the lounge, dressing up would probably be a good idea. The Gold Class lounge has become a popular place for corporate companies to hold private functions and exclusive screenings.

However, it is also personal enough to impress a date here.

After taking my seat at one of the lounge tables, I was told that each guest will be assigned a “personal ambassador”, who will wait on you as well as usher you into the movie hall before the movie starts.

This level of spoiling came as a pleasant surprise, although I did feel a little guilty about someone constantly doting on me.

Enjoying a drink before the movie began, time caught up with me and my companion amidst our serious conversation about fierce Krall selfies (I’ll leave that to your imagination).

We were then ushered to the Gold Class hall where I first got a glimpse of what my next two hours would be like.

Premiere Class seats are also spacious with plenty of legroom.

Premiere Class seats are also spacious with plenty of legroom.

Each Gold Class seat is in fact an adjustable recliner sofa which sweeps you off your feet, literally.

Plush and comfy, each seat is accompanied with a pillow and fluffy quilt. It is excellent for a tall, fidgety person like me, as I get all the legroom I could hope for. My only dilemma was whether to keep my sandals on or not during the movie.

The seats are arranged in pairs, with a small table located between them. Placed on each table is a call button which signals for the ambassadors if you have any questions or wish to order some grub.

A complimentary drink of your choice is served just as the movie begins. Light snacks and beverages are available throughout the duration of the movie, and will be brought directly to you.

Famished, I ordered caramel popcorn (which came in a fancy glass bowl) and beef hotdog. Other snacks on the menu include nuggets, french fries and chicken wings.

For sound geeks, the theatre is equipped with Dolby 7.1 sound system, proving a treat to the ears.

The Gold Class lounge is the perfect tone for chatting and networking.

The Gold Class lounge is the perfect tone for chatting and networking.

And as for thoughts on the movie? It was difficult to get worked up about the ambushing of the Enterprise crew as I was busy adjusting my recliner seat to grab my popcorn. Of course, I could have just stretched out and reached for it, but where’s the fun in that?

Priced at RM79* per ticket, catching a movie in GSC Gold Class is a must if you’re looking to indulge in an experience that is beyond movie-watching.

However if Gold Class is out of your budget, GSC Premiere class is another option to pamper yourself.

Priced at RM33* per ticket, the smaller crowd and extra leg space go a long way to ensure a more intimate viewing experience.

If your movie screens in Premiere Hall 1 of GSC Signature, your ears will be in for a treat as Dolby Atmos delivers powerful acoustics.

One thing is for certain though – now that I’ve tried out roomier halls, it will definitely be hard to go back to regular feet-cramping days.

*Price varies based on movie.

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