Rick Astley truly doesn’t give up – tops album chart again!

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Those of us who grew up in the 1980s would probably remember the British popstar with the boyish looks, Rick Astley, and his handful of hits.

Some might also remember his ability to dance in the most awkward way possible, but let’s stick to the good memories. That includes singing along to numerous cheesy tracks like Never Gonna Give You Up, Together Forever and Hold Me In Your Arms.

Recently, Astley made the news again when he scored his first #1 in almost three decades on the UK Albums Chart with his new offering, 50. The first time Astley had hit #1 on the same chart was 29 years ago with his debut album, Whenever You Need Somebody.

50, possibly named after the fact that Astley turned 50 (!) in February this year, is the singer’s first studio album since Portrait in 2005. Some of the new tracks include Keep Singing, Angels On My Side, Somebody Loves Me and This Old House.

50 was released in Europe on June 10 and was produced by Astley himself. All 12 tracks were also written by the singer.

A listen to the first two singles from the album, Keep Singing and Angels On My Side, shows that although Astley’s music has slowed down a little in tempo, his vocals do sound better now.

At least there’s no more of that awkward dancing and swaying from him.

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