Review: Rebirth by Aliff Aziz

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Singaporean singer Aliff Aziz, who’s known for his lighter, uptempo pop tunes such as Jangan Ganggu Pacarku and Sayang Sayang, slows things down with the ballad-driven Rebirth.

Aliff pleads with his lover not to leave him in the emotionally-charged Setelah Kau Pergi. But it’s on the heartfelt Coba that the most outstanding moment of the album arrives.

The song, about becoming a better person for those we love, works because Aliff’s earnestness and sincerity comes through, besides of course, having a solid melody.

These ballads not only prove the singer’s ability to deliver songs with greater emotional depth, they allows us to hear a side of Aliff’s vocals we’ve never heard before.

Dengarkan Aku, for instance, is a vocal showcase, with his voice’s smoky quality and wide range taking centre stage.

But for those longing for more of Aliff’s lighter fare, there’s a bit of that in the laidback Pujangga, which sees Aliff encouraging his love interest to stop fighting the attraction they feel for each other.

For the most part, the 25-year-old Aliff, who got engaged to Bella Astillah last December, heads into a more pensive and mature direction in his fourth studio release.

Aliff Aziz


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Aliff Aziz has a new album. Photo: Sony Music


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