Review: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande can sing anything. Her third album Dangerous Woman sees the powerhouse vocalist take on a myriad of genres effortlessly.

The album opens with an immediate favourite, Moonlight, the kind of ballad you can slow dance with your lover to during a romantic evening. And with the title track, well, there’s nothing much you can do except pick your jaw off the floor as she deftly hits those goosebump-inducing high notes (check out the a cappella version if you haven’t already).

Grande enters EDM territory with the super danceable Into You, gets soulful in I Don’t Care, dabbles with hip hop in Bad Decisions, and even dips her toes in reggae in Side To Side (featuring Nicki Minaj).

Lyrics-wise, there’s a sense that the 22-year-old Grande is more uninhibited in Dangerous Woman, shedding her innocence and taking on more sensual numbers such as Everyday, Touch It and Greedy.

Despite all these mix of genres, Grande doesn’t come off sounding like she’s running into different directions haphazardly.

The singer is sure-footed, making these genres work around her own unique musical style instead of being overpowered by them.

Ariana Grande

Dangerous Woman

(Universal Music)

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