Iflix celebrates 1st birthday with awesome shows

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The Internet TV service iflix turned one last month, and it marked the occasion by adding more shows to its already extensive library. Currently, it has 15,000 hours of content.

Viewers can look forward to additional hours thanks to its new partnership; Britain’s Sky TV signed on with iflix in March, bringing along with it British titles including the first five seasons of Downton Abbey.

There is also Rowan Atkinson’s highly popular Blackadder series to check out.

Other new shows include latest seasons of The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and Mr Robot. Also, exclusive to iflix, are the first seasons of The Magicians and Hunters.

Movie fans can rewatch blockbusters like Avatar, Titanic, X-Men: First Class and Night At The Museum, from your favourite spot on the couch at home.

That’s not all. The complete run of old favourites such as 30 Rock, House and The Office will be added.

Maya Karin is going behind the camera for a new series for iflix. Photo: The Star/Azman Ghani

Maya Karin is going behind the camera for a new series for iflix. Photo: The Star/Azman Ghani

Besides new content from overseas, iflix is also looking at producing its own series. Heading the first project is actress Maya Karin, who is also a shareholder and an ambassador of iflix.

At a press conference to celebrate the first anniversary, Maya shared: “I am going behind the camera for this original content, and it’s a huge project. To follow the iflix model, we are thinking big.”

Azran Osman-Rani, iflix Malaysia CEO, added: “We are not looking to go on traditional TV. We are pushing beyond that.”

When asked what made her want to be part of iflix and what ultimately convinced her that this untested idea – well, at least in South-East Asia – would take off, Maya credited the people behind the company.

“The energy and the drive they’ve brought to this great idea, that’s what convinced me. I remember when iflix was just an idea, and now my friends are all asking me how to use it even when it’s all very easy to use. My mum loves it.”

The actress has a few shows on iflix, and will start binge-watching Mad Men next.

In a press release, iflix group CEO and co-founder Mark Britt said: “It has been an extraordinary year since we launched iflix in Malaysia and the Philippines last May. I am hugely proud of everything the team has achieved as well as the overwhelming response and demand we have received from consumers.”

According to viewership trends conducted by iflix, Malaysians watch an average 115.11 minutes of shows on iflix every day, with most of the viewing done on their mobile phones.

In line with its one-year anniversary too, iflix is rewarding its consumers with a special contest.

golden globes

Mr Robot

The contest is divided into several categories like those who have watched the most minutes since the launch last year, subscribers who are active and regularly interact with iflix on social media.

Prizes such as 48” Full HD TV, Google Chromecast, one-year iflix subscription and iflix merchandise await winners.

Azran said iflix will stay affordable – it is currently RM8 per month (with the first month free for new subscibers).

Subscribers who are enjoying iflix for free through Unifi or their mobile data plans will be alerted of new options if they want to continue watching iflix once the free subscription is over.

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