Bryan Cranston as Zordon in Power Rangers? Yes, please!

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power rangers

Zordon in the original TV series was played by Robert L. Manahan.












Bryan Cranston has joined Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie as Zordon, who serves as the young group’s creator and mentor.

The studio has tapped Dean Israelite to direct and has cast five young actors to star – Becky G. as the Yellow Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger and R.J. Cyler as the Blue Ranger. Elizabeth Banks came on board in February to play the evil witch Rita Repulsa.

Power Rangers will hit theatres on March 24, 2017 in the US. The story reimagines the origins of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of high school kids given extraterrestrial powers who unite to save the world.

The 1993 Fox Kids TV series became a pop culture phenomenon and inspired a big-screen adaptation, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, in 1995. Cranston voiced the characters Twinman and Snizard in episodes on the series. It was revealed in 2013 that the Blue Ranger Billy Cranston was named after Bryan Cranston.

Lionsgate and Saban Brands announced plans in 2014 to develop and produce a live-action movie based on Saban’s Power Rangers property as the first film in a franchise. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer recently said that the studio could make as many as seven Power Rangers movies.

Cranston will be seen next in Broad Green’s thriller The Infiltrator and in Fox’s comedy Why Him? with James Franco. Lionsgate unveiled Cranston’s casting on Twitter. Cranston also tweeted about the news. – Reuters/Dave McNary

power rangers

The new costumes in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.


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