What you may not know about The Flash star Candice Patton

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the flash

Candice Patton stars in The Flash. Photo: Warner TV

Candice Patton’s acting career is going at full speed, playing the female lead role on the superhero series, The Flash.

Interestingly, Patton felt she wouldn’t get the role initially, thinking she did badly at her first audition. “I felt like I bombed. There was a line about Channing Tatum, and I couldn’t remember his name to save my life. I just kept (messing it up),” she recalls the audition process for The Flash in an interview with Glamour.

“But yeah, I thought it was dead in the water, and it just happened that it was so early in the casting process, so a month or two later they brought me back in to read with (co-star) Grant (Gustin) and do a chemistry read with him. Within two days, I booked it. It was kind of crazy.”

The Flash, now in its second season, chronicles the journey of Barry Allen/The Flash, played by Gustin, who possesses superhuman speed. Patton portrays the superhero’s best friend and crush Iris West. To capture the close relationship shared between the two characters, the 27-year-old actress decided to make a spontaneous gesture during her audition with Gustin.

“How do you recreate that (bond) in two minutes in an audition? In that moment, the only thing I could think of to make him smile or laugh was to physically grab him and tickle him. They loved it because they thought it was really charming.”

All episodes of The Flash S1 are available on iflix. S2 airs every Sunday at 7.20pm on WarnerTV (HyppTV Ch 613).

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