Rock band Search cancels 35th anniversary concert 

by - 03:51

Malasian rock band Search has called off its partnership with AFJets, the main sponsor for its upcoming anniversary concert.

This means the concert – Search 35 – that was meant to take place on Aug 30 to celebrate the band’s 35th anniversary, has been cancelled. The concert was scheduled to take place at Sepang.

Yusmaidi Yusoff, a lawyer appointed by the band stated that AFJets failed as sponsors in terms of matters related to funding and financing a successful event.

“We have served a legal notice to AFJets to stop using Search’s name and image in any promotional material, regardless of whether it is in print or electronic form immediately,” Yusmaidi said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on May 20.

Search frontman and vocalist Shuhaimi Abdul Rahman, or better known as Amy, added: “Since we signed the MOU in December 2015, we have yet to see any progress or concrete evidence that AFJets is capable of organising our planned concert.

He urged fans who have bought tickets to seek a refund from AFJets.

Fans hoping to rock out with the band for its 35th anniversary can still hope for a rocking concert to take place as Amy said that the band is looking to get new sponsors.

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