Review: Reckless by Martina McBride

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One of country music’s most celebrated vocalists Martina McBride just released her first original album in five years, Reckless.

After experimenting with soul and R&B in her 2014 cover album, Everlasting, it’s back to the McBride we know in this new release, featuring a stellar lineup of country pop tunes.

For one, you know it’s a Martina McBride album when she unleashes those impressive vocal chops on us. The four-time Country Music Association Female Vocalist Of The Year winner launches into her familiar, big voice in the chorus of Everybody Wants To Be Loved and delivers yet another great vocal performance.

Besides her vocal abilities, the 49-year-old singer is known for spreading encouragement through her music. Diamond assures us of our strength and worth while Just Around The Corner, one of the strongest tracks on the album which will make for a great single, inspires listeners to hold on just a little longer during our darkest hours.

Still, the most meaningful track on the album is its title track and lead single, which has a certain bold, uninhibited quality to it, as its title suggests. Reckless is about those who took a chance in loving someone who’s wild and reckless, which sort of makes them reckless too, and thanking them for it. It stands out because it manages to come off sounding sentimental yet fun and celebratory at the same time.

Her latest album is simply about giving fans more of the sounds we love from her.

Martina McBride


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martina mcbride

martina mcbride


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