Meet the new Jack Bauer, MacGyver and more

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Lucas Till

Lucas Till is the new MacGyver.

Their names and faces may not yet be familiar to the public at large, but that could soon change if their series pilots are picked up for the 2016-2017 season on US TV.

Lucas Till

This 25-year-old American actor has stepped into the legendary role of MacGyver, formerly played by Richard Dean Anderson, in a pilot reboot for CBS.

Previously known to some as Havok in the X-Men movies, the actor will play a young MacGyver, recruited by an undercover organisation to solve problems in his own particular way.

Former CSI star George Eads is also on the cast.

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corey hawkins

Corey Hawkins is set to play Jack Bauer, a character made famous by Keifer Sutherland, in a remake of 24. Photo: AFP

Corey Hawkins

Meet the new Jack Bauer. This 27-year-old American actor was recently seen in Straight Outta Compton. After bagging the lead role in the 24 reboot, 24 Legacy, the actor will take over the heavy responsibility of saving the world from dangerous terrorists.

Clive Standen

Known for his role in Vikings, this British actor will replace Liam Neeson in the TV adaptation of Taken, currently in the works for NBC. The small-screen version will explore the younger years of secret agent Bryan Mills, showing how the character acquired and honed his various skills.

Sarah Shahi

Currently on the cast of Person Of Interest, this Texan actress of Iranian and Spanish descent will lead a new adaptation of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, written and created by Carolyn Keene, for CBS.

The 36-year-old Shahi will play a more mature and racially diverse incarnation of the teenage amateur sleuth, who first appeared in the 1930s in a series of internationally successful books.

sarah shahi

Sarah Shahi is set to tackle the iconic character Nancy Drew in a new series. Photo: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Clayne Crawford

After starring in Rectify, the American actor is taking on a more headline-grabbing role as Martin Riggs in the TV version of Lethal Weapon, currently in development for Fox.

The actor will be stepping into Mel Gibson’s former role as a cop starting afresh in Los Angeles after the death of his wife and baby.

There, he teams up with Roger Murtough (Danny Glover), played by Damon Wayans in the small-screen adaptation. – AFP Relaxnews





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