5 reasons to catch Captain America: Civil War in GSC Maxx, D-BOX, Dolby Atmos and THX

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What happens when Captain America takes on Iron Man? Can Steve Rogers knock Tony Stark out with his shield? Does Iron Man have to call for backup? Do they kiss and make up and get shawarmas in the end?

Well, I found out all that and more via a movie screening in GSC IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, recently.

Now, Captain America: Civil War is a great movie, though it could be dangerous for those with weak bladder (the movie clocks in over 150 minutes).

But there were other things that made watching the movie more exciting for me.

1. D-BOX rocks!

For an extra RM15, you can experience Captain America: Civil War from the comforts of a premium leather seat that moves with the action of the movie. When Captain America’s (boy)friend Bucky/Winter Soldier gets on a motorcyle and swerves to the left, your seat will move in that direction too.

When there’s a huge explosion or a crash, you’d feel a jolt, almost as if you were in the scene in the movie.

Now if you’re like me, and you’re concerned that the seat will keep moving or vibrating throughout the movie (like do I really need to know what it’s like if Captain America is eating cereal?), do not worry. You’ll only feel movement during the action-packed scenes, otherwise the seat just stays still. With Captain America: Civil War, there is plenty of action to anticipate.

Plus, you can also adjust the intensity of the seat with the control panel on your right. So you decide how much you wanna, erm, rock.

D-BOX moves as the action picks up in the movie. Photo: The Star/Ibrahim Mohtar

D-BOX moves as the action picks up in the movie. Photo: The Star/Ibrahim Mohtar

2. GSC Maxx = maximum viewing pleasure

Bigger is better when it comes to movie screens and it doesn’t get any better than GSC Maxx.

I confess that I get distracted easily in the cinema and uhh … every other time. Wait, is that someone’s phone lighting up I see? GSC Maxx have my full attention from start to finish as I could see the action unfolding in all its cinematic supersize glory.

Is that a vein on Tony Stark’s forehead? Man … these Marvel movies must be getting to Robert Downey Jr.

3. THX is terrifc

Let’s get back to the part where I get distracted easily. At concerts, I hate it when the sound system is wonky and all that I hear is this annoying buzzing sound.

I do wish concerts have THX surround sound technology! Thankfully, the cinema screening Captain America: Civil War have this technology so that I can hear everything clearly.

4. Dolby Atmos at your service

Feel the sound from every angle! With Dolby Atmos, I swear I could hear the sound of Captain America’s tight pants when he walks. That, and when the explosions start from one corner and ends on the other side. Mindblowing!

It doesn’t get me distracted in the cinema such as phones lighting up. Why? Because I’m completely engrossed by thevisual and sound.

Get the best movie experience with GSC Maxx mixed with Dolby Atmos and THX. Photo: GSC

Get the best movie experience with GSC Maxx mixed with Dolby Atmos and THX. Photo: GSC

5. Get all these and more in one cinema!

What could possibly top the experience of watching Captain America: Civil War with D-BOX seats on a GSC Maxx screen equipped with THX and Dolby Atmos technology? Well, how about watching it in 3D as well?

I’m that person who’d stretch my hand out to pick up the elements I see with my 3D glasses. This movie experience comes at a price of slightly more than RM40.

With Captain America: Civil War’s running time of 2 hours 30 minutes, that is a steal.

Now if only we can get more movies with D-BOX… How does anyone feel about the 50 Shades Of Grey sequel in D-Box?

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