5 flawless videos from Beyonce

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When Beyonce burst into the scene as a solo artiste in 2003, she came prepared with an excellent body, powerful voice and catchy tunes that were all amalgamated into equally impressive music videos.

It is no secret that Beyonce has created some of the most creative and mention worthy videos in her 13 years as a solo artiste, but here are five of our favourites.

Crazy In Love (2003)

This is the video that introduced us to the magic of Queen Bey. In the video when Beyonce walked down the street in her tight shorts, breasts swaying, buttocks hanging and teetering red high heels, she walked straight into our hearts and never left. Her first video as a solo artiste will forever be our favourite.

Upgrade U (2006)

Shawn Carter aka Jay Z knew that he was not getting jiggy with no average “beyotch” right when he made this song with his future wife. Beyonce sings about how anyone dating her would be upgraded from a regular Joe to well … what’s a higher title than “Beyonce’s Husband”?

Jay Z is the lucky man to hit jackpot. Now keep your woman happy with jewels, fancy cars, expensive watches and loyalty, boy.

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (2008)

Also known as the catalyst of the “Imma let you finish …” sentence or “Kanye West vs Taylor Swift” drama, or simply “the beginning of Kanye’s douchery”, Single Ladies is known for more things than the fact that the entire black-and-white video is a work of pure simplicity.

From Justin Timberlake to Barack Obama, everyone on Earth has done the Single Ladies hand gesture at one point in their life.

Run The World (2011)

How do you turn a song that doesn’t make any sense into one of the most listened to girl power anthem? Make an equally crazy and out-of-this-world music video. It is almost five minutes long and each second, you’ll wonder what Beyonce was thinking of when she said yes to making one of the most syiok sendiri but epic videos ever.

XO (2013)

Beyonce makes her way through a fairground with friends, having fun, getting on rides and simply showing a glimpse of how she might be in real life if she wasn’t a megastar. Add fans and paparazzi to the picture and the illusion is shattered immediately. This is one of the most relaxed videos that Bey has made, marred only by the controversy of her sampling an audio from the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

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