Prince remembered even in space

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The sudden death of prolific US musician Prince on April 21 has left many around the world in tears.

Fans have flocked to his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota in the US to leave flowers, cards and candles, while others have taken to social media to express their grief. Celebrities like Robbie Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Gene Simmons and Madonna, as well as US President Barack Obama tweeted their condolences.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake shared a touching tribute to Prince, 57, on his Instagram account. “…He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written. I am sad, but I will smile when I think of every second that I had the fortune of being in his company…” wrote Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake's heartfelt tribute on his Instagram page. Photo: Instagram

Justin Timberlake’s heartfelt tribute on his Instagram page. Photo: Instagram

Also joining in the tribute parade for Prince are brands and organisations including the US space agency, NASA. Upon learning of the musician’s death, the agency tweeted: “A purple nebula, in honor of Prince, who passed away today.” The tweet included a photo of a purple nebula.

Googled something today? Then you would have probably noticed that the logo is now purple and that it is “raining”.

Here are a few other brands paying tribute to Prince on social media: 

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