Is Mary Elizabeth Winstead a horror film junkie?

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is no stranger to the horror genre.

One of the 31-year-old actress’ earliest film roles has her starring opposite Naomi Watts in The Ring Two (2004). In the following years, Winstead has also starred in Final Destination 3, Death Proof, The Thing and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

In the upcoming 10 Cloverfield Lane – a thriller produced by JJ Abrams and directed by Dan Trachtenberg – Winstead plays the female protagonist named Michelle, who wakes up chained in a cellar by a paranoid fella (John Goodman).

The film is presented in a way that keeps the audience from knowing Michelle’s full story and instead lets them come to their own conclusion about her. What the audience does learn is that Michelle is resourceful, resilient and clever – something, we think, Winstead lends to all her characters.

In an interview with Boston Herald, Winstead said: “Most female roles are weak at the start and then develop strength as the film moves along. But she was strong and capable from the get-go, as a lot of women are. As soon as she gets there, she’s active and thinking about her next move. There’s not a second where she’s not planning. She’s not passive for an instant.”

10 Cloverfield Lane opens on April 7.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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