Guess who is Dan Azreen’s famous rock star dad?

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The name Dan Azreen may not be a household name but the 24-year-old singer has no problems with that.

He’d prefer if that name doesn’t immediately bring up images of another, more familiar persona. Because for as long as he can remember, Dan said people only paid attention to him because of his famous father, Megat Effendy Zakaria or Andy, the frontman of local rock band Flop Poppy.

“I won’t lie, being my dad’s son has opened up some doors for me,” he said during an interview recently.

Dan made his official debut in the local music scene at 21 years old when he played bass for The Malayan, a band formed by Andy.

The Malayan received a nomination for Best New Artiste at the Anugerah Industri Muzik in 2012. Eventually, Dan formed another band Loka in 2013 and released a single Jangan Pergi.

However, as of now, both The Malayan and Loka are on hiatus mode.

“I don’t really know what happened to The Malayan. I think everyone just had to let it go. As for Loka, my bandmates are too busy to focus on music as they have other commitments. I won’t say we’re done for good,” he explained.

So, this has given Dan the opportunity to venture out as a solo singer. He is getting ready to release his debut solo single Bidadari this month.

While he has written and perform his own materials in the past, for his solo effort, he is letting someone else call the shots. It’s all part of the process of going back to square one, he said.

“I’ve never experienced what it’s like working with other people. I want to know what is that like. From there, I can see what are my other strengths and weaknesses.”

Dan admitted that he has no clear plan as a solo singer for now. It depends on how the first single fares. His motto for now is “jalan je (go with the flow)”.

But he knows what he wants and that is to be a guy known for his own merits.

“It’s really tough being the guy in the music industry known as Andy Flop Poppy’s son. People just expect more from you. When you mess up, it looks bad.

“Then when you do live up to expectations, people attribute it to you using your father’s connection. So, you simply can’t win,” he said.

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