Uniqlo-Lemaire collection is effortlessly cool

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Launched last season, the Uniqlo and Lemaire collection saw great success in providing the masses with classic fashion must-haves. The designs were well received for being chic, yet comfortable at the same time.

For Spring/Summer 2016, the two brands have unveiled outfits that are lightweight and loose – just perfect for our Malaysian weather. Each is designed with simple lines that comfortably wrap the body, while incorporating many functional details.

If you need something that will take you through a day without much fuss, you will find it in Uniqlo and Lemaire’s latest outfits. The clean silhouettes with large pockets and a voluminous feel totally allow for easy movement and freedom in any setting. Colours were chosen based on the idea of them being expressive. Ginger, mahogany, blue, green and ash gray; the brand describes them as “having absorbed the light of the summer sun over the years”. These are then accented with deep blacks and vivid whites.

Men can expect versatile clothes that include slim-fit polos, cardigans, striped shirts and lightweight windbreakers. Make sure you also check out the white trousers that has a totally cool, relaxed vibe. Materials used for all of these range from seersucker to chambray and oxford cloth.

While Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer offering casual, everyday apparel, Lemaire as a French apparel brand, is led by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. Lemaire is widely known for having practical designs influenced by the cosmopolitan Parisian streets.

Christophe is respected for having held high profile design roles within the industry. Appointed as artistic director for Lacoste in 2000, he then joined Hermes a year later to work on the label’s womenswear line.

It has however, been announced that this will be the final collection from Uniqlo and Lemaire. So if you want to get your hands on some affordable designs (prices range from RM79.90) stamped with the Lemaire name, this will be your last chance.

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