Suria FM is looking for unsigned indie bands

by - 15:09

Suria FM presenter Bob Ringgo is looking for local indie acts to be featured on the Undiscovered segment on his show Rock & Relaks (weekdays, 1pm-4pm).

Bob believes Undiscovered is the best platform for unsigned acts to shine and prove their talents to a wider audience. He also hopes the segment will get more listeners to support local acts. He recently invited two bands – The Alif and Radio Island – to perform three songs each, acoustically, on-air.

Some of the songs they performed include OAG’s Akustatik and Menimbang Rasa by Ahmad Jais. Videos of the performances are up on Suria FM’s YouTube Page and Listeners can also catch a replay of Undiscovered at 10pm every Saturday.

Tune in to Suria FM (105.3FM in the Klang Valley) for Bob’s Rock & Relaks show. For more information, visit

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