Review: Cover Sessions, Vol 2 by Matt DeFreitas

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matt defreitas

By now, you would have heard Adele’s Hello and Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again on the radio so many times that you’d probably be sick of them already.

But leave it to YouTube crooner Matt DeFreitas to inject freshness into a number of otherwise overplayed pop numbers. On the second volume of his covers collection, the English singer tackles earworms from The Vamp’s Wake Up to Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams with much gravitas.

Granted, DeFreitas’ vocals are middling at best. He struggles when it comes to the higher notes – most notably on One Direction’s Perfect, where his voice stretches too thin. What the man lacks in the vocal department though, he compensates with smart melody arrangements. In DeFreitas’ hands, Demi Lovato’s sexy Cool for the Summer is turned into a solemn and haunting number.

The standout in this nine-track collection is a mashup of Little Mix’s Black Magic and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Who would have thought that songs from a post-Facebook girl group and 80s pop star could sound so good together?

matt defreitas

YouTube crooner Matt DeFreitas injects freshness into a number of otherwise overplayed pop numbers. Photo: Matt DeFreitas

Matt DeFreitas

Cover Sessions, Vol 2

(Matt DeFreitas)



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