Make a date with Jay Chou in KL

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Jay Chou loves Malaysia. There’s no denying that.

In 2014, during his Opus 2 Jay World Tour in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, the 37-year-old singer shared that he likes Malaysia so much he doesn’t mind coming to the country every year.

“I always feel very relaxed here,” said Chou.

Well, true to his word, Chou is coming back to Malaysia for a concert in August. As part of his The Invincible 2016 World Tour, the Mandopop superstar is set to perform at Stadium Merdeka in KL on Aug 6.

The Invincible is Chou’s seventh world tour since his debut as an artiste in 2006. It’s also his first world tour since he married model Hannah Quinlivan and became a father to a baby girl last year.

We wonder if he will bring little Hathaway and Quinlivan along on his tour…

Not much has been revealed about the tour. A press release from the organiser said an astronaut has bought a ticket to the show … so does that mean Chou will deliver a gravity-defying show or is he going to do a lot of moonwalking on stage?

Knowing Chou’s perfectionist nature, fans can expect a show that is out of this world. Ticketing details will be available soon.

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