Do you have what it takes to be a ‘music detective’ on Suria FM?

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Be a “music detective” on Suria FM and stand a chance to win cash prizes worth nearly RM40,000.

Tune into Ceria Pagi with Adibah Noor and Baki Zainal (weekdays, 5am to 10am), Ceria Suria with Brian Chen (10am to 1pm), Rock & Relaks Suria with Bob Ringgo (1pm to 4pm) and Ceria Petang with Linda Onn (4pm to 8pm) and keep an ear out for the Detektif Muzik cue to call.

The first listener to call 03-7724 2115 will be given a mission. A sound clip will be played and listeners will only have 10 seconds to guess the title of the song and the name of the artist. But there’s a twist: the sound clip features a Malay song but its lyrics has been translated into English and the melody has been altered.

Complete the mission successfully and the successful listener will win RM250 in cash and exclusive products from Dara Anggun worth RM100. If unsuccessful, the money will snowball to the next segment.

There’s also a bonus hour where you stand a chance to win additional cash worth nearly RM1000.

You can also get clues to help with your guesses on Suria FM’s Instagram account @SuriaFMMalaysia every morning. For more information, visit

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