Designing the new Batmobile – now with wings!

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice production designer Patrick Tatopoulos takes us behind the scenes of creating a new Batmobile in an exclusive clip from DC All Access.

Tatopoulos explains his process for redesigning Batman’s iconic ride. “In the aesthetic of the film I thought that everything should be hanging or look like bats, but subliminally,” Tatopoulos said. “The car, when the cockpit opens, it looks like bat wings. Everything should have a slight undertone of the subliminal idea of a bat.”

Remember Sad Batman?

Remember Sad Batman?

Ramping up to the film’s release date later this month, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice marketing has been inescapable. Following the Oscars, stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jessie Eisenberg played their roles as Superman, Batman and Lex Luthor in a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Kimmel outs their alter egos.

The dark superhero film is expected to have a monstrous opening. Despite a lengthy run time of two hours and 31 minutes, the Zack Snyder-directed film is projected to pull in around US$140mil (RM588mil) in its debut.

The production, which cost US$250mil (RM1.05bil), is estimated to bring in US$200mil (RM840mil) overseas, topping US$300mil (RM1.26bil) in global grosses.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice premieres March 25. – Reuters

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