Review: This Is Acting by Sia

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Whenever I hear Sia’s voice, in my head, I picture the surface of her vocal chords filled with shards of broken glass, rusty nails, smoke and sand.

Oh and there’s a dynamite planted somewhere in there too.

The tracks off Sia’s latest album This Is Acting couldn’t have done a better job in displaying her scratchy, explosive vocals in all its glory.

Alive, in particular, is anchored by a forceful, anthemic chorus that’s built to shatter windows and reverberate through stadium walls.

Also, when Sia sings “I’m still breathing” repeatedly in the lead single, her voice cracks oh-so-beautifully.

The vocal acrobatics continue as she deftly draws out each note on power ballad Space Between and fires away and hits the mark on One Million Bullets.

The 12-track release not only showcases Sia’s powerful pipes but it is backed by powerful inspirational messages. Throughout the album, Sia sings about battling through hardships and making it out alive.

It’s surprising to find that the album consists of songs written for other artistes that were “rejected”. That’s crazy because This Is Acting comprises a stellar collection of pop tunes!


This Is Acting

(Sony Music)


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