Martin Freeman to play Everett Ross in Marvel film

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The next entry in Marvel’s unfolding cinematic universe, Captain America: Civil War, will see Martin Freeman join a growing ensemble cast in a very particular role.

Freeman’s casting had been known since May 2015, thanks to an official Marvel announcement made shortly after filming began, but only now has his franchise identity as Everett Ross been confirmed.

Everett Ross is particularly well associated with the character Black Panther, to be played in Civil War by fellow franchise newcomer Chadwick Boseman (James Brown biopic Get On Up); Freeman had previously outlined the nature of the role but without detailing the character’s canonical name.

Empire Magazine confirmed the exact nature of Freeman’s role as part of a Captain America: Civil War feature spread.

Freeman is known for his portrayals of Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit trilogy), Dr Watson (opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in TV series Sherlock Holmes) and as Tim in the British original version of The Office.

Boseman will presumably be joined by Freeman in the February 2018 feature film Black Panther, around halfway through the MCU’s Phase Three schedule starting with Captain America: Civil War the week of May 6, 2016. – AFP Relaxnews

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