Remember All Saints? No?

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After being out of the music sphere for a decade, 1990s girl group All Saints is making a comeback with a single inspired by member Nicole Appleton’s breakup with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

all saints

In an exclusive interview with i-D Vice, All Saints revealed more details on its comeback album, including the inspiration behind the first single One Strike.

Co-written by group member Shaznay Lewis and producer Hutch, the song was taken from tearful conversations Lewis had with Appleton when she learned that Gallagher had cheated on her.

“It’s not about the divorce, it’s about the moment I found out what he did to me,” Appleton said in the interview.

Added Lewis, “The phrase ‘one strike’ is about how your life can just change in one instant. You can be walking down the road, you’ve just left your family at home and everything’s hunky dory, then when you go back home they’re gone. On one side of the door your life’s amazing, on the other side it changes just like that.”

The new All Saints single drops Feb 26. The group’s album Red Flag, meanwhile, drops April 8. – AFP Relaxnews

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